Tshirt Yarn Leaf Face Cloth

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Craft: Knitting
Type: Home
Yarn: UPcycled Tshirt Yarn
Yarn weight: Bulky / 12 ply (7 wpi)
Gauge: 3 stitches and 3 rows =
1 inch in stockinette
Needle size: US 13 / 9.0 mm
Yardage: 20 - 30 yards
Sizes available: varies according to WPI of your Tshirt yarn


Created for UPcycled Tshirt Yarn Class: http://stefaniejapel.ning.com

Yarn: Use any of your Upcycled Tshirt yarns…any diameter, any color. This wrap looks best if you use similar colors of yarn, or if you can, all one color.

Needle: I used anywhere from a set of 14” US 11 to US 17 straight needles for my projects.

Needle size will be determined by your yarn and by your swatches. I recommend that you swatch on several needle sizes and compare the swatches to see which produces the fabric that you like best.

This is a gaugeless project. No matter what size of yarn you have made, this project will look great. The yardage that you’ll need will vary depending on the size of the finished project, the size of needles that you choose, and the diameter of your yarn.

These cloths are great gifts, and can be presented as face cloths, dish cloths, little hotpads, trivets, cloths to use for baby, any number of uses. Their size will depend on the weight (or WPI) of the yarn that you have made, and on the size of needle that you have chosen to use.

Knit them from white yarn, dyed yarn, or dye them after knitting. Attach one of our UPcycled Gift hang tags to let the recipient know how much you care!


$2.00 USD
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