Back and Forth:
four reversible scarves

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Craft: Knitting
Type: Scarf
Yarn: Any


All of these stitch patterns are reversible. This means that they look equally good from the back or the front, and that once your scarves are blocked, they will not curl. (Stitch patterns are not identical as seen from front and back.)

For all scarves, simply cast on:

  • a multiple of 12 + 4 for the Footprints scarf (I recommend 28 stitches.)
  • a multiple of 14 + 2 for the Falling Leaves scarf (I recommend 30 stitches.)
  • a multiple of 12 + 6 for the Quadrants scarf (I recommend 30 stitches.)
  • ONE stitch for the Reclamation scarf

… and continue knitting until your scarf is the desired length.  Gauge is up to you. (These scarves are a perfect way to use up those single skeins of gorgeous yarn!)


$4.00 USD
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