I’ve missed you!

Many of you have asked, “what happened?” “where did you go?”
I guess you could say, I went on the journey of my life. But I never forgot about you. Even when there’s been no knitting content for years, you continue to talk to me on Facebook and on Instagram and Twitter. You still send me photos of your knits and stories about your craft.
When we first met, I was a grad student in my 20s, a carefree world-traveler, a knitter when knitting was fringe, a singleton, a rebel. Now, I’m a mom, I’m a wife, a published author, a hard worker, and a teacher.
Lately, I’ve been blogging a little, and social media-ing a little…and secretly obsessing about you guys. With the support of my wonderful family, and encouragement from you guys, I’ve finally decided the time has come to embrace my true creative love: my knitting designs.
Over the next weeks and months, I’d love to share with you some of the designs that you all know and love (photographed and updated to reflect today’s knitting community), as well as new, original designs.
We are also going to create LOTS. I’m going to help you learn to knit, or knit better. We are going to make socks and hats and sweaters and shawls and cowls. And mittens. We are definitely going to crochet. And we might also weave and embroider and paint and dye! Most importantly, we’re going to inspire each other.
It’s so good to be back! I’ve missed you, and look forward to seeing you in the days ahead.

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